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PIP travel insure - Policy in my pocket

Unique features for the traveller & agents

Travel Insurance App - Issue

The Mobile and web app seamlessly integrates the agent and the traveller. An automatic email will be sent to the traveller with a policy number, password and a link to download the app.


PIP (Policy in my pocket) Travel Insurance App offers the traveller safety and convenience on their travels. With the click of the button the traveller can connect to the right service provider and view their policy information at any given time.

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What the app offers

Mobile Connectivity

The traveller has mobile connectivity to their Travel Insurance

Access to policy & content details

Easy to use & fits into your current process

Revenue stream share options

Become a partner and share in the revenue

Directs travellers enquiries

Simplifies enquiries to the correct service provider


Customisation to promote brand development

Policy in my Pocket Robot
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