Steyn City Property Sales App

The Steyn City Sales app provides a mobile solution for their sales function. The growing demand for properties in secure areas, be it residential lifestyle estates, flats or mixed developments has led to potential buyers having far more choice as property development companies compete to meet the rising demand. View all the app features here.


There are two components to the Steyn City Sales app: an office web-based app for use by property development administrator staff, and a mobile tablet/phone app for use by property sales agents and the property development management team. The two components transfer information in real-time, allowing sales agents to always have the latest information on-hand to showcase to clients. Contact Floop to here how the sales app can improve your sales team.

What the app offers

Manages and facilitates lead distribution

Database creation & management

Real-time updated availability price list

Mobile Management Reporting function

Email of marketing collateral & price lists.

Property reservations & client reminders

Steyn City Sales app
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