SEO and PR – they go hand in hand

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In the old days, before the importance of online media coverage, the words and articles you used for your press releases simply needed to get a particular story across.

These days, everything that we do to market businesses is far more intertwined. The internet and the way customers consume news and information about services have made PR and the news far more cut-throat and instant. When was the last time you read any breaking story in a newspaper, without hearing all about it across online media and TV first?

Thats why SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has a fundamental role in PR and the news and information you send to the press. If you don’t consider your keywords and phrases in the article you are pitching to the press, then your article is less likely to be found when your customers or prospective customers are looking for informaiton about you online.

Of course, journalists may alter and change your press release slightly, which is something you have little control over, but if you have taken your keywirds into consideration, then the likelyhood that at least some of them will remain in the article is high.

I urge you to consider your keywords and SEO in all your online endeavours, including content that you send out via secondary parties.

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