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SATIB travel app

SATIB Travel App insures you against unforeseen circumstances that might leave you out of pocket while on holiday. Download for FREE! View more information about our Travel app product.


At the time of need the traveler has guaranteed access to efficient incident management staff and medical services that have both experience working in remote parts of Africa. It was with this exact goal in mind that we developed the SATIB Travel App. An easy to use tool for travelers to either purchase fully comprehensive Travel Insurance or a First Response Membership Service for their trip to Africa. Contact Floop if you are interested in the Travel App.


What the SATIB app offers

Mobile Connectivity

A mobile connection allows the traveler to get in touch with the service help desk.

Instant access to info

The app stores contact details, claims procedures, membership and policy details.

Emergency Services

The traveler has immediate access to local emergency assistance services and contact details.

Linked to useful apps

It is linked to other useful apps like weather, maps, directions and the exchange rate.

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