Responding to an emergency quickly and accurately with Global Help

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No matter where you are, it is a good idea to have information on-hand in case of an emergency.  Living in South Africa, heightens the need for this information for oneself and our family members. Floop has designed Global Help, a compact, easy-to-use app that sources your geo-location and on request displays the contact details of the closest police station and medical emergency facility. Your current street and suburb location also displays on the homepage of the app which is useful information to depart to police or medical emergency services.

The app is designed to reside on your mobile device password screen, thereby not only allowing quick access, but also allowing a third party to get in touch with one of your captured contacts in-case-of-an-emergency (ICE), as well as get a snapshot of who you are and pertinent medical information captured on the app – such as allergies and medical aid details.

Another innovative component to the Global Help app, is the “I’m OK” button which sends a message to captured contacts letting them know that you are safe. This could be used after travelling home from a party at night, or in the worst-case-scenarios of a natural disaster or terrorist threat while you are travelling abroad.

Therefore, whether you are at home or travelling abroad the Global Help app offers accurate information allowing you to respond to emergency situations with confidence, and providing third parties with your personal and medical information needed to facilitate a fast response should you be in need of emergency medical treatment.

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