Mobile apps – the utopia for any marketing director

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Let’s face it, whether you like it or not, mobile is an intricate part of each and everyone’s life. A recent survey by IAB SA and Effective Measure show that we basically use our mobile phone at any time of the day, for a wide variety of searches!

Their survey also highlighted the fact that more and more people are using their smartphones for purchases and are more likely to interact with a brand that they already have a relationship with. In this day and age, where competition is fierce and the primary strategy for any marketing director is to engage, and keep on engaging, with their customers, any tools that make this easier is surely the utopia for any business.

That’s where an app comes into play. Unlike a mobile website or website, where anyone can either intentionally or accidentally visit, an app download is a thought-through process by your consumer, often with a financial cost, which adds even more weight to this decision. They want to know what is happening with your brand and to use the service that you are offering. It’s a conscience decision.

An app gets your brand in their home, their pocket and makes it a part of their life.

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