Local is lekker – how app localisation is essential in international markets

 In Android, App Development, App Marketing, iOS

The beauty about an app is that is has a global reach at the click of a button. All you need to do is categorise it in the app store. It’s not like a tangible product or even a service provider that needs a local presence to be sold.

You do however need to think of the look and feel of the app to ensure it is applicable for your new audience. Think about the translation into a different language and the fact that automatic translation tools will not take local nuances into account, they literally translate the word and so it’s important to make sure the meaning is still correct. Get an expert or local to help you with the translation.

Also, bear in mind that colours in cultures may mean different things. The look and feel of your app needs to flow and appeal to your audience, but the emotions that colours invoke are different for different locations and therefore need careful consideration when attracting buyers from another country.

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