Facebook wouldn’t be Facebook without the little ‘f’

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We all know the saying: “A picture says a 1000 words” and yes it’s true, images are what capture an audience and often leave their mark far more than words can do, especially in the instant world that we live it. Think about brands, their logo is at the forefront of their branding image. Facebook wouldn’t be Facebook without the little ‘f’!

That’s why your app icon is essential. It needs to convey the service you are offering as well as the brand behind it. Do you have a main brand icon or logo or do you have individual images for each of the products/service that you are offering? The UX design of your app starts here and yet you will probably think of this last as far as the development of your app. But the important thing is that you think of it.

The image you choose for your app also needs to relate to your audience. A business app would have a far more serious image or icon than a game aimed at teenagers. It’s your first introduction to your audience and therefore you need to get it right first time, as that may be the only time you have to get their attention.


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