Cost cutting by going digital

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In every company there is always the underlying need to save costs at every step of the way. Can’t you just hear managers and directors debating whether route A or B will be more cost effective in the short or long term (or both)?

In this day and age, companies need to use every resource to remain ahead of the competition and within budget and that’s where mobile apps can really have an influence to your bottom line. The mobile industry in South Africa is booming, with app downloads at 34% according to The Mobile Africa 2015 study which they say is an indication of a higher smartphone adoption in South Africa (in relation to the other African countries surveyed).


That means that businesses using mobile apps, either for internal uses or to reach their consumer base are already ahead of the game. Everyone already has a phone, and tablet use in businesses is also increasing. That means time and cost on training people to use the app is reduced and they can be customised according to a user hierarchy if desired. User experience and app design is vital in terms of increased efficiency and intuitiveness of an application which once again, gives a company an opportunity to save costs. Cost saving by digitising greatly improves efficiency for companies and also shows a consistency to the brand, which is important when you are looking to build trust and relationships with your customers.


Any system updates can also be seamlessly executed with little impact on the end user, making a digital system so much more cost effective than any other systems of communications or interactions with your customers.

Really, the possibilities are endless.

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