What to consider when developing a new website

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Your website is the window to your world. It’s taken over the traditional shop front, and just like a shop front, your services or products need to be displayed in a logical, neat and functional way. Imagine walking into a shop and you are not able to find what you need…you will quickly go elsewhere for that product.

You need to think about a number of things before you even build your site. Where the navigation panels should be, what layout suits your business, the grouping and order of your products and services and of course what suits your customers too. Take a look at your competition, what do you like or not like on their sites? What do you like about websites that you visit? This is all vital information that you can supply to your website designer.

It’s also important to think about the platform you use to develop your site. Do you want something that you can easily update and manage yourself, or would you prefer to outsource the management of your website to someone else? There are a number of different platforms to use, for example WordPress that gives you the freedom to update it as you go along, after the website design elements are built.

In the design and development process, you need to think about your marketing strategy. If you are online, then you need to be found by your customers. It’s no good building an amazing website and then having no web presence to get customers to you. That’s where search engine optimisation and search engine marketing all come into play.

The call to action on your site needs to be prominently displayed. Do you want people to buy off your website, call you and download an item? As long as it’s clear, then there is a higher chance of it actually happening.

We work closely with our clients to understand what they want to achieve from their site and develop and design the website according to their specifications. Call us to discuss your website development needs.


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