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I was watching the latest episode of Billions the other day and I could not help but notice that the main character – Bobby Axelrod always dresses like he is about to go shopping. Not your traditional corporate image for an investment firm. It got me thinking about how things have changed over the years and how B2B brands are marketing themselves. Corporate identities have had a major makeover.

These days your brand identity, particularly in a B2B environment, can be anything that you want. Brands often follow a stereotype but these days there is no longer a need to do so. This is evident in a number of corporations showcasing their brand on the internet.

Take Absa. Traditionally a bank’s brand image is very corporate…suits and ties and serious copy on the website and brochures with a large amount of jargon that no one really understood. Take a look at their site today. The use of icons and imagery tells a very different story to that of the old days. The copy they use on the site is far friendlier, welcoming and much more relaxed, yet it is a B2B brand.

This means that the world is your oyster as far as your corporate identity is concerned, don’t do what is expected. Think ‘out the box’, it’s far more interesting and your clients will engage with your brand better if it’s something different. Talk to us about your brand identity today!

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