How to get your app noticed

 In App Marketing

This is the heart of the marketing mantra. You have this great product and now you want to get it out to your market, but how do you go about that? What can you do to market your app to your audience? Big marketing budgets and ad campaigns make this an easier task, but what do you do when your budget is on a shoestring or your brand is not as big as Coke or AirBnB?

The key to this is your target audience. A niche audience for a niche app. You will either be in the industry already, or have close ties to it and you will therefore know that there is a community surrounding your market. Use the tools out there to get you app noticed by that community.

The obvious one is social media, especially on a tight budget. Use it to its benefit, but once again, not every social media tool out there is appropriate for your niche audience. You’ll have to decide which ones work best.

Another great way to get your app noticed is to get it reviewed. This day and age news and information is instant and people no longer need to wait for their weekly or monthly newspaper or magazine. They simply go online to have a look. This also means that online publications and journalists are constantly on the lookout for news and information. It’s a symbiotic relationship if you have something of worth to tell them. Get to know the journalists in your niche market and make sure they know about your app and how it will help them meet the demands of their readers.


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